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INFERNAL DREAMS pimping our shit since 2002!!

Here at Infernal Dreams we have a serious love for
our Independant and Kentucky Based Artists, Film Makers, and Musicians..
Give us a shout! want coverage for your event? an interview? send
us a sample, a ticket, an email even! we will get someone on our crew
to check you out. Hope to hear from you soon!
From our facebook status.  Also, World Independant Film Festival updates are up, check out our pictures~!  We spent the day doing free audition videos for CBS reality shows, and hanging out with Alex DelMonaco, Kayla Perkins, Al Snow and Tucky Williams.

Next stop? Famous Monsters in Indianapolis!
Interview videos from Full Moon are up.  Our crew interviewed Dee Snyder, Doug Bradly AANNND Terence Zdunich of REPO! fame

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