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Dead Winter Horror convention

In light of the Lost Boys 25th anniversary of release of the movie I will be writing a series of articles and interviews, posting them on my wordpress Venom and Honey blog, and having audio interviews posted at Infernal
First interview coming up is Joe Ferrarra, owner of Atlantis Fantasyworld, the site the Frog brothers Comic book store scenes were shot.

We had a wonderful 15 minute talk, and I learned some interesting trivia you won't find on IMDB!
I'll throw links up once they're posted.
Also, at Dead Winter Horror Convention, I have interviews confirmed for Ari Lehman (Jason Voorhees, F-13 1) John Dugan (TCM) and Kayla Perkins (Santa Clause vs The Zombies) I will also do a piece on Kayla for my Women in Horror series, along with some interviews with authors Belladonna Drakul, Bertena Varney and Make up fx whiz Lyzane Whitaker
Exciting things are happening!!
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